Friday, January 16, 2009

Friday Folksy Four!

Well, its all a bit manic around here as is usual at the moment and I want to post things, I have pics and stories to tell but time is a bit short so I have a compromise; here are some ace things I have found while I have been working on Folksy this week.....

The first thing is this t-shirt called 'Woe for Woolies', made by Joiscurious. She has some ace t-shirts in her shop as well as some lovely little brooches.

Next up is 'Looks like the work of a cereal killer' by Dantography

Dan has some ace prints and also has started selling them as greetings cards. They are on my favs list for when I next need a card.

Another t-shirt, this time from 'Total Radness'. It's called 'Spokes'
I love this because I always struggle when I am looking for t-shirts for M. He doesn't like 99.9% of shop bought (I know, who can blame him but you have to wear something, right?) and he would totally wear this!!

Lastly, for those of us who are looking for something a bit more feminine, here is 'Earth IV'. I love pretty prints, I want to make my house look prettier and I think this would look fab somewhere in my world ;) Have a look for more at 'Woollybutterfly'

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Daisy said...

Those are really cool!