Thursday, January 01, 2009

UK Swap...warming your feet

I started doing the 3rd round of UK swap on Ravelry then I got all busy and have missed the last two inspiration blog post thingys but I will catch up but first lets do this week before thats late too!! Here goes.....

What is your favourite way of keeping your feet warm?

Socks. Lovely proper wooly socks and if they are still cold, slippers.

Do you have a favourite pair of socks you reach for to keep your toes toasty?

Yes but rather sadly they aren't hand knitted simply because I haven't got around to making many pairs for myself. My fav socks are some bridgedale ladies wool hiking socks in lilac. They are my 'best' socks and if I'm cold, I have to put them on.

Is there a pair of socks/slippers you have been wanting to make for ages but haven't got around to?

Funnily enough I have just been having a look at my Rav queue to get rid of some things that I am never going to knit, come on, I hve 4 pages of patterns, I need to get rid of the old stuff so that I can add new beauties ;)
So socks that are still on there that I want to make?? Bellatrix by Monkey Toes They are so funky if a little scary to make. I'd be worried that the dropped bits would run but I do *need* these in my life at some point.
I love this photo of these Drops slippers and keep thinking I could make them but other peoples don't look quite the same so I wonder if maybe they might not work out quite right......
Also I like the Flutter-by socks by Shannon Robalino. Do you notice a theme? I like funky stitch patterns on why do I end up making boring plain ones??

What is your favourite finished object that warms your feet?

I haven't finished many things for my feet so not too many options to go with but I love my 'Happy Socks'. If I'm feeling a bit down, I put these on. How can you be sad or grumpy with bright pink feet?? They are the first pair of socks that I made for myself and the first pair I made using two circulars. Much neater than my attempt with dpns.

What is your favourite yarn to use for socks/slippers?

Well I appear to have rather a stash of sock yarn and there are rather a few that I'd like to get my hands on but for Christmas, I got some Babylonglegs
merino/bamboo mix yarn and it is sooo soft and bamboo is such a clever material so at the moment I am loving that and I can't wait to cast it on....Better get on with finishing some other things first then!!!

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BabyLongLegs said...

I want to try the meriboo too :)
But what colours?

Have fun with it....
Hugs and stuff
S xXx