Friday, January 02, 2009

UK swap catch up...warming your neck and hands :)

Back again as promised with my catch-up post......

What is your favourite neck warming pattern?

I really like the intricacy and all of the cables on this 'Irene scarf'
but maybe not for me, I see that as a bit more masculine. I really want to make this 'Chevron scarf' for me
. Maybe it would be a good use of some of that sock yarn? Hmm.....

Do you have a favourite FO?

I loved this stitch pattern when I was making it and I was loath to give it away when I did but I had knitted it for Operation Christmas Child and I knew that it would be well received and worn
and promised myself I would make another one for me and maybe Looby. It was of course 'My so called scarf' knitted in one of the many balls of Debbie Bliss Maya that I bought a few years ago.

Is there a style of neck warmer you particularly like?

I have only really worn scarf scarves but the more I see the little scarf-lets, the more I am intrigued and wonder if they would keep me as warm. There sure are some lovely patterns out there at the moment and they would use less yarn so a good way of using up odd balls...see how my mind is working at the mo; Use. Up. That. Stash!

And finally, moving onto hand warmers.......

So, what is your favourite winter warmer for your hands?

Well. I am going to totally honest here, the gloves of choice at the moment are some purpley alpaca gloves that I bought from a market a few years ago. They are so warm and also thin so I can still do stuff with my fingers when wearing them, always useful on the school run and when in the park with little people ;) Obviously this is because I haven't found or knitted the perfect handknitted hand warmers. Yet. Hehe

Do you have a favourite pattern or finished object?

Gloves scare me so I have put off making them but I may have to have a go in the new year. I knitted Fetching, as I'm sure quite a lot of the knitting world did but I was a bit disappointed. I made them in some lovely Wollmeise merino in an ace colour but in my impatience to wear them, I didn't make them long enough so they don't keep enough of my fingers warm and are relegated to warmer cold day wear. I know, you are all looking at the pattern pics and you can see how they're not supposed to come up *that* high but I could have made them longer. If I wasn't so damn impatient!!What is your favourite yarn for gloves/mittens/handwarmers?

Hmm something warm (obviously) but hardwearing. I worry about merino because surely it would pill? (although having said that, my Wollmeise hasn't). I've just finished a hat for J in alpaca and he says that it is too hot so that!! My hands are always cold. Colourwise, I like bright and I think you can get away with it for hand warmers without people thinking that you are rather a bit odd....well maybe you can't but thats my thinking and I'm sticking to it.

Are there any patterns out there you would love to own?

These Lola fliptop mittens. I love them and have been working up to buying the pattern and knitting them since...oooh well they have been on my Rav queue since March 2008 so for a while ;)

Right that's me all caught up. I need to run because I have just discovered that swimming lessons re-start today and I had thought they had another week off so I have to sort swimming stuff out and gym bits too because I have a rather scary urge to go to the gym while they swim.


Kat said...

Love my new sock knitting bag! Thanks Nic, its fab!!

Forever Foxed said...

Ooo, love the Fetching gloves!