Monday, February 09, 2009

Crafty people making money for Comic Relief...

I know what you are thinking; 'what's occurring, why is Nic posting so soon after her last post. Is she ill?'

Well actually, no. I'm just stopping by, en route to tackling the great ironing mountain to let you know about the Crafteroo Comic Relief shop on Folksy.

Crafteroo is a lovely forum, set up by crafters, for crafters so that they can all go and have a chat, help each other, admire each others work. They really are a friendly bunch and I am finding myself drawn there but, you know how your afternoon gets sucked up by forums, I'm trying to be tough with myself ;)

Anyway, they decided that they would like to raise some money for Comic Relief so lots of the members are putting things into the shop for people to by, all proceeds going to Comic Releif. Do go and have a look, there really are some lovely things for sale in there.

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