Sunday, February 08, 2009

The week the UK stood still....well the South and a bit of the West ...

But not the north!! We had a bit of snow on Monday, enough to justify wellies and waterproof trousers for the walk to school but really, it wasn't the worst snow we had seen in 18yrs, even if the south had already been brought to a standstill. The council must have been expecting great things though because while I was sewing at lunchtime, I looked out of the window to see this.....

A gritter!! Well, not one of the proper machine things but a truck, full of grit with a man sitting on the top of said pile, chucking grit on the road, at cars. passing people, you get the idea. When we lived in Wales, I used to joke that the only reason we got the gritter up our road was because there were a couple of council workers living near us; after all why would they come up a little residential road and grit that, leaving other main roads as slippery as anything. Who knows why they gritted our road on Monday. Maybe it was so that all of the people who sit around the other end of our road on benefits could get their cars out of the drive and go and sign on ;)

By 3pm the snow had all gone and by the time I went to the gym at 7, we stood more chance of being flooded than snowed in.

Thursday brought more snow though and this time it made more of a go of it. After taking the kids to school, I couldn't get the car back up the slight slope that is our drive. Not impressed! I have never got stuck in snow before but after five minutes, I gave up and went to have a cup of tea and a rant about how ironic it was that a car from the lands of snow and ice couldn't make it up my drive when there was a bit of snow. While having my cup of tea and gazing out of the window, I watched some workmen in their double wheeled van try to get up the lane beside my house. After a few minutes of slipping, sliding, wheel spins and swearing, they gave it up as a bad job so I felt vindicated, maybe my car wasn't such a wimp afterall ;)

The snow is all gone again and we all feel short changed. No days off school or work here.

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Daisy said...

That gritter truck sounds SO Lincolnshire!!