Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Its all about the tears!

What is wrong with me? I was never an emotional person, I would pretend to cry at films that people thought I should be sad about. I'll admit that once I got pregnant with J, I did seem to find my tears though but this week, I kid you not, I have spent a fair lot of it in tears. Its Comic Releif on Friday. I should maybe watch it in the bath, I'll have filled it with tears by the end of the show!

Last night for example, I was sewing and watching TV, a normal habit of mine. Mr Nicsknots can't understand how I can hear it with the sewing machine making all that noise (which is why he has to have the TV on full blast and tut at me when I am sewing and he wants to watch something) but I can and I was, until 9pm, BBC1, Mistresses. OMG! I had to stop sewing for fear of sewing my finger to a bag, I couldn't see for tears. First I was crying because Siobhan and her hubby have finally had sex then because Katie told Dan that she didn't want to be with him, then because she did, then its because Trudys fiances wife can't remember her daughter, then because Jessicas husbands horrid PA turned up, then because he was being so lovely to Jessica, then.....actually I've forgotten and you don't care but you get the picture?

This afternoon I have just been watching the lunchtime news while eating my lunch and I was crying on my ham and tomato sandwich because an ex manager of Woolworths had opened a new store called Wellworths where the old store had been. Its getting stupid. This needs to stop.

Oh yeah and it was parents morning today so of course I was almost in tears while Js teacher told me what a lovely little boy her is.

Amidst all of this crying I had two comments yesterday about how I have lost weight. No blooming wonder, you cry two buckets of tears a day, that's got to help your weightloss ;)

My blog is a little pictureless at the moment, I will rectify this with a pretty, sparkly pink 'Tinkerbell' drawstring bag to cheer us all up....or maybe make us cry because it's just sooo beautiful....see, stupid!! Stop. It. Now!


Julia Guthrie said...

Aww Nic, I think it's lovely, you have feelings & you're a sensitive person! *hugs*
Now dont start tearing up again!! lol

(Yeah..I have been known to well up at the slightest thing too! lol)

niftyknits said...

*sob* ;-)

niftyknits said...

I cried in DrWho yesterday (even though I've already sen tha episode twice!), when he went to the Poppy parade at the end of the episode and the young lad was all old and wrinkly...

Carolyn said...

((((you)))) sending lots of cyber hugs from the other side of the world.

LOVE the pink sparkly bag! So would Megan... do you ship to NZ??


Daisy said...

How sweet! Do not go and see "Marley and me" then - you'll cry all the way through!