Friday, March 20, 2009

Its only Friday again!!

These weeks are going by so fast at the moment. Thankfully, I seem to have managed to cross a number of things off my 'to-do' list this week. I was even feeling all smug while sitting at swimming lessons this afternoon, thinking about what I had achieved. That was until new things entered my head and I managed to fill my diary's 'notes' section up for next week with new things to add to The List.

The one thing I *must* do tonight though is this

That would be a pile of business cards that I had printed out a few months ago for the Handm@de Cambridge goody bags. Organised. Good. Only I thought I was being clever only putting my Folksy shop address on it then. Over the last month or so I have decided that I really wanted my own website on there so instead of doing something about it, I have been sulking and being annoyed with myself about being stupid. sulking always helps, I find.

Another reason why I don't want people only going to my Folksy shop is that there is no way of tracking how many visits the cards attract whereas every other site, I have google analytics on so I get a rough idea. I realised this when I was looking at my analytics account today.

Anyway, I kicked myself up the arse and decided that I had to sort them out so went to get some labels and printed my website on them so tonight I need to stick labels on my business cards.

Hmm, how many cards did I get printed? A couple of hours-worth of sticking I think. Better get sticking then....

Ooh and thanks for the comments, especially about the handles. I have the same problems as Halfanacre. Sometimes I think thick straps, sometimes skinny so I think I'll have a play around.

Did I mention that I have a few creme eggs left to help with the label sticking. Hehehe


Daisy said...

Tee hee, sounds like a fun evening! Nearly as much fun as my pile of ironing!

Julia Guthrie said...

lol sounds like something I'd do:)
Lucky you got those creme eggs to keep your strength up! :)