Monday, March 23, 2009

It's the simple things

I love the things that little children say when they are beginning to start talking and the mispronunciations of words.

For ages, Lou has insisted on calling Chris Evans, Chris Heavens. I'm sure he'd be really chuffed that she has elevated him to such a high place ;)

Jack has recently decided that onions in a jar of vinegar are now known as prickled onions. Why? Because they prickle your throat as you eat them, of course!

We were doing some weeding in the garden on Saturday and Lou was talking about where things went and what we used things for when she announced that 'The little greenhouse is for growing plants in and the big greenhouse is for taking pictures, isn't it Mummy?'
I couldn't help laughing and told her that really they were both for growing things in and asked if she could remember picking tomatoes and cucumbers out of the big greenhouse last summer. She could but then got all concerned and asked where we were going to take photos of bags when we put plants in there in the summer.

I don't know, Lou, I'm a little concerned about that one as well but I'm sure we'll find somewhere.


Daisy said...

Prickled eggs. *snort*

niftyknits said...

I'm so pleased you have an assistant for taking photos of bags!