Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wonderwool-ed out :)

I'm back!! Did you worry that I had got buried under piles of yarn, or maybe that I couldn't get into my car to drive home after eating so many scotch eggs from the lovely Scotch Egg man (who'd have thought you could have so many flavours of scotch egg, one even without the egg, which, as someone said, surely must make it a 'scotch'?).

Anyway, no, I am home, just suffering from jet-lag and trying to locate things that have been hidden under a pile of dirty pots, clothes and a ridiculous amount of 'stuff' that seems to appear out of nowhere if you leave the other three residents of my house alone for a couple of nights. Monday morning saw a hunt for school shoes (in the garden, where else would you take them off it Mummy is away?), tea bags (don't need them when you go shopping with Daddy, just tins of new potatoes and tomato soup) and the sink (obviously hidden under a pile of dirty pots; apparently the tidy fairy had the weekend off since the laundry basket was also overflowing....)

was great. I had a fab time, caught up with friends, made new ones, sold bags and yarny goodness!! What can I say? I get overwhelmed by shows with so much yarn and so many pretty colours. I spent all of my money in the food festival. I bought lots of lovely scotch eggs. Wyesue, you are right, the Valentino were the best (Free-range SADDLEBACK pork stuffed full of Wensleydale cheese and bright red cranberries), just a bit of fudge from the nice fudge man and half a sheep from the Elan Valley Organic Mutton company

Here are my bags on our stand (clicky to make bigger!)

Here is Gemma with the rest of the stand, busily pricing up fibre on the Saturday morning...

And look what greeted me when I got home very late on Sunday night (other than the birthday cake that Mr Nicsknots was making at 11pm!).......

It's my drawstring bag in The Knitter magazine. :D

Right, got to go, I am still putting new things from the weekend on my shops. Have you seen the shiny new MISI widget on the side of my blog? I love Emma, she works so hard to make MISI great.


Daisy said...

It looks like such a cool weekend, although I'm sorry you had to come back to chaos!

Julia Guthrie said...

Glad you had a great time...& scotch eggs? MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmmmmm you are making me yearn for a nice big freshly made scotch egg now! lol

LOL...yeah..funny how those 'tidying fairies' all disapear when theres work to be kept on top of isn't there?
I notice if I'm ill for a couple of days the place falls into chaos & disrepair...& there's only me, Hubby & a dog!?!! :)


Kitschy Coo said...

Glad you had a good time, and well done restraining yourself on non-food purchases! Congrats on the mag too, that's very cool!