Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Handmaid by Julie Mills

It wouldn't take a brain surgeon to realise that I love fabric, I swear it is breeding in my house, at least that is the excuse I am sticking with for the way it is taking over room after room. I have recently discovered why everyone is wearing scarves around their necks. I think aside from the obvious fashion aspect, there is something slightly comforting about being entwined in soft fabric.

These silk satin scarves by fashion design graduate, Julie Mills must be amazing to wear; cool in the summer, to finish off that wedding outfit, warm when the night gets a bit cooler and oh so soft. The question is, which would you choose?

The spotty silk scarf with pom pom trim?

or the pink birds, digitally printed and hand sewn by Julie. There are more in her shop, go over and take a look....

You can also find Julie on Twitter at She also takes commissions so if you have a special thing in mind, get in touch with her, I am sure she will come up with something amazing.

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Kitschy Coo said...

Love the scarf with the birds!