Thursday, June 18, 2009

Living for this weekend!!

I've helped out at a number of different shows over the last 10 or so years. I've always had a great time while I've been there, the atmosphere is great, the people around you are generally really cool and you have lots of fun.

I remember talking to my friend who I was working for a few years back, saying how the shows must be a great highlight of the work she did and while she agreed; she got to meet her customers directly and colleagues in the business, see what others were making, etc, she also found them extremely stressful, organising everything to be ready in time and in the right place and the fact that her 5 main shows of the year were within 10weeks didn't help her sanity. I now 'get' this feeling!!

I don't 'do' the shows properly. I help Gem, I make stuff for various other great people and put a few bits on Gemmas stand although I only have to organise a small area and a small amount of stock but wah!! Last year we only did Woolfest. It was great, we orgainsed and planned for months. This year we will have done three (how does it feel like about 10??) by the end of this month and I am kind of looking forward to Woolfest weekend (but I promise that I won't celebrate in the style in which I celebrated Jens wedding at the weekend with quite so much alcohol ;) ) . I'm feeling a bit like I am on a treadmill of shows and I can't get off because otherwise I'll get behind.

Don't get me wrong, I love going to the shows; I am really looking forward to Woolfest but I am also looking forward to no more shows for a few months so that I can re-organise my shop and get other exciting things made that I have been wanting to do since about April and see my family!

This weekend, however, I am planning on having some family fun at home. All four of us will be at home and I'm planning on doing not a lot other than maybe strawberry picking and a wander on the beach. This obviously means that I will be sewing like a mad-woman come 9pm every night and that I need to get my ass off here and get some more sewing done though.

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BabyLongLegs said...

I know what you mean. This weekend will be the first one in about a month where we'll all be at home together, so I don't plan to do much either, apart from spoil the Husbeast rotten on Sunday :D
Have a fabaroOOonie family weekend, babes :)

S xXx