Monday, June 22, 2009

The post in which I blame Kitschy Coo for everything!

Last Thursday I was innocently reading blogs while waiting for children to go to sleep so that I could get some sewing done when Amanda at KitschyCoo posted this blog.

Now, I have been looking for funky babycord for about two years since I saw some lovely patterns on Ottobre for pinny dresses for Looby so I was all set to get off to Scotland to raid Amanda's fabric stash until she sent me a link to the shop.

I am My bank manager is pleased to say that I didn't go mad. I only bought two pieces of material. I am that annoying person who always under-buys stuff. If there is a room of the best yarn or material in the world, I will umm and ahh for ages then carefully buy one thing because its information overload for my little head while everyone else is stock-piling stuff like it might disppear off the face of the earth, never to be seen, ever again. Ask anyone who went to Skipnorth with me, or Wonderwool, Woolfest, Rav day, where I never buy anything!

Anyway, that was Thursday night, today it arrived. From Holland. How amazingly quick is that? Now obviously I am in a panic induced state about the impending Woolfest so tonight I have carried on sewing and sorting in my usual sensible state hurriedly cut out and sewn (sewed?!) a couple of drawstring bags and am now eyeing up more of the material on the website.....just think if I ordered tomorrow morning, it would be here in time for me to take it to Woolfest and sew some more lovelies up on Thursday night in the B+B!!

My camera is having problems tonight. I think it was so suprised that it was this bright outside at 8pm that it couldn't cope and decided to change the colours of things. The lining is the dusky pink kind of colour that is in the fabric pattern.
I also have one needle roll cut out, ready to sew. Do you like the print? I keep meaning to say that these bags make ace make-up bags or bags for putting 'ladies things' in, in your handbag.....


Kitschy Coo said...

I take absolutely no responsibility for your fabric-buying wantonness. Unless they sell like hotcakes (which they will, because they're beautiful), in which case I expect a cut ;)

Julia Guthrie said...

well, that is particularly nice fabric I have to admit!:) We could forgive you for being overwhelmed! lol

Anonymous said...

lovely fabric and bag