Thursday, July 09, 2009

'Busy doing nothing'

# We're busy doing nothing, working all day through,
we're trying to find lots of things not to do.
We're busy going nowhere, isn't it such a crime ?
we'd like to be unhappy but we never do have the time #

Not me, I hasten to add, I have been really busy this week but my darling husband started his summer holidays on Monday. He is a college lecturer so he now enjoys a 6 week holiday with a week somewhere in the middle of that 'working from home'.

I can safely say, he is enjoying himself, busy doing nothing. Since Saturday he has read all of the Harry Potter books, broken and mended his computer, stayed up till stupid o'clock watching rubbish get the idea.

I think there must be a high divorce or at least arguement rate for people married to teachers and lecturers. For 10 months of the year we don't see them then for 2 months in the summer, they are here. All. Day. Long. And don't forget, because they are on holiday, they can't help around the house or do any of the jobs they have been promising to do since their last holidays.

I thought we had stooped to an all-time low on Tuesday when I asked if he would make lunch while I was working. Anyone would think I had asked for him to make an a la carte meal when I asked if I could have coleslaw on my sandwich which arrived without a plate but yesterday he went climbing in the morning while I took J and L to school and got on with work. At lunch I went to take some cards to a friend then two different meetings at school for J and L before picking them up and coming home. At tea, I was asked where I had 'swanned off to' for the afternoon!! Oh how I laughed. Its a good job I have a good sense of humour and endless patience.

Sense of humour was also needed when I went to get Js passport photo taken. Remember the windy seats that they used to have in the booths? Well they don't have them now. They have a bench then the camera is supposed to be moveable so that even if you are little, the photo will be ok. Well lets look at the evidence shall we?

Yes, its quite tricky to get a 5yr old to sit still, look at the camera, not smile or any of the other things that mean that the photo will be regected by the wonders that are the Passport Office at the same time as fielding the 4yr old sister who wants to know what is happening in the booth so climbs in and sits on the floor while the photo is being taken. Next stop the photo shop to get some better pics....

Better. Not good. This was the best of 6 that were taken. Lets hope that they don't come back with something wrong with them. I might loose my patience if they do!

On Saturday J was 6. He had a great weekend. On Sunday he went bowling with his little friends from school. Here he is with Lou before we went.

Right, I'd better go and get Looby while M kills things on his computer.....


tc said...

It is amazing what we mums have to put up with ! Happy holidays ! LOL x

Spinningfishwife said...

My OH is a lecturer too. I'm a stay at home mum but I'm firmly of the opinion that if he's off for six weeks he should be doing 50% of my work, so we can both be 50% on holiday?
He remains unconvinced.
Funny how during term time I'm "hardly putting in a full day like I do" while half of the same work during the holidays is a massive undertaking for him?

Kitschy Coo said...

That first Passport picture made me laugh so much! Classic :)