Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Love, light and peas...

That is the name of the shop that is currently the VIP on the Coriandr Express. What a great name!

Love, light and peas is actually a 22yr old called Lottie who lives in South Wales. Lottie has CFS so spends her days knitting and playing with reclaimed materials.

I love the stationary in Lotties shop. She uses recycled paper from all sort of things from old exam papers to Spanish text books. Go and take a look....


Anonymous said...

I love the knitted little man....i wonder if she has a crochet pattern for him.....?

Lottie said...

Sorry, I only just found my way over here!

Unfortunately, I don't have a crochet pattern for him. But a quick Rav search for crochet patterns has given me this pattern that's quite similar:


And this shop on Etsy has some great patterns too!


I hope that helps. :)