Monday, July 20, 2009

Loopy Lou.

Last week was the last week at preschool for Looby. She starts school in September and can't wait. She is crackers.

This afternoon next door had got someone around to cut up some paving slabs with a noisy saw. I was making tea, J and L were in the lounge playing fairly loudly then it all went quiet. I went upstairs and found Lou standing on the top of her radiator, shouting the noisy man out of her window;

L: 'I said, can you make a little bit less noise please!!'

Man outside, sounding completely confused that he was getting harrassed by a small child: 'Sorry, I'll try'

L: 'Thanks'

And she gets down from the window!! It's the first day of the summer holidays today. My plan is to work in the mornings then play in the afternoons meaning that J and L can faff around with Michael in the mornings while I sew and do boring paperwork (*cough* tax credits form anyone??) . Today has gone well, I've done quite a bit of sewing. While I was finishing off a bag, I was thinking about taking some new photos of current bags.

I asked Lou if she knew where the red necklace that I bought her was. No, why would I want it? I told her that I wanted it to take photos of it with my bag. She decided that since I wanted something red she would go and hunt out three toys cars and a handful of lego. All red.

In the end, we settled for this:

I think it looks lots better.


Julia Guthrie said...

Awww...can I have Lou? She sounds like my kind of kid! haha

Love the photo:)

And if she chose the items to photograph with your bag I think she has a promising career ahead of her!! She has a good eye:)
Go Lou!!:)x

Bleugh to paperwork...I help hubby with his to now, aswell as doing mine. He has a LOT more..& he despises it so much he leaves it for months then has to sit up until 3am catching up! *rolls eyes*

Miffy said...

Bless her!

I have filled in my Tax Credits, just need to remember to post it now.

Kitschy Coo said...

I phoned last week to renew tax credits, but have not yet received confirmation of the massive amount of money we're due. What are the chances they actaully logged the call?!

Lou would be very helpful around here fighting my battles for me :)

Daisy said...

Lou is so cool - she would have dealt with my old neighbours no problem! Good luck with the paper work - tax returns are bad enough, but tax credits = eeeek!