Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday already?

Wow, doesn't the week go quickly when you're not at school? Jack and Lou are now masters in the art of Magnext...this seems to be the child of Magnetix which I thought was pretty good but this is supposidly faster, stronger, better, etc. Whatever, we've had some impressive structures built and I've managed to get sewing done.

Quite a lot of my things have been customs this week so I don't have much to show but I have added some more bits to my neglected Etsy shop and gone over 100 followers which made me smile.

I've also come up with a great time-saving application that needs to be made for Etsy. It would check and alter where needed, all of my listing to make sure that they stay in line with my UK shops. Depending on where the £/$ are, my prices can end up quite cheap and postage, almost free!

In my loss of days, I have also neglected to post about the wonderful Coriandr Express seller, Ruby Spirit Designs. Her spot on the train officially finished yesterday but I want to mention her here because I love her work.

She is also offering 10% off in her shop until the end of July so hop on over and see what takes your fancy. I love so many of her bracelets. The colour combinations are wonderful and the necklaces are so delicate.

Right, I have to go. I think children are trying to make their way through the ceiling....

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