Wednesday, August 19, 2009


J and L are renowned for their love of animals, big and small. When we were driving to our camp-site, J was worried that his Aunt would do a good enough job of looking after his rabbits so it comes as no surprise that they found themselves some new pets while we were en France.

While various adults were getting more and more distressed about the growing size of the grasshoppers we kept finding and demanding for them to be removed from their tent, J and L scooped them up, transferred them to our tent and decided to keep them as pets

They played with their new pets for almost an hour, transferring them from hand to hand, to head, in Lous case and when it was lunch-time and I told them that they had to put their grasshoppers outside, so that they could enjoy a bit of hopping around, they weren't impressed. Lunch was eaten as quickly as possible though so that they could go and scout the grass for their new friends!

The next day this beast was waiting for his lunch, standing next to a saucepan on the cooker....

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