Monday, August 17, 2009

We have a winner!

Remember way back at the beginning of July, we had the Stone Soup Challenge give-away? Well I didn't have time to announce the winner before we went on holiday but today I can announce that Turtle won!! Well done Turtle.

I was trying to be clever this morning and embed the random number generator that I used into the blog but it didn't work so you will have to believe me that it was a totally random number choice. Thanks to everyone who entered. It was lovely to see all of the comments from new people. I know lots of people read my blog but so few comment so it was nice to get lots of comments for a change :)

Now more catch-up. My computer seems to be a bit slow since I got back, its having issues with opening attatchments and generally not doing what I want it to do so I need to sort that out.


Turtle said...


Turtle said...

i emailed you on your etsy!