Sunday, September 06, 2009

Over to you, guys...

Tomorrow, my baby (well if you can call a nearly 5yr old, highly independent little girl a baby!) starts school. She has been looking forward to it for over a year. Having a birthday right at the start of September, she missed starting last year by 9 days, in fact if she hadn't been so lazy and been born 15 days late, then she would already have been at school for a year now.

While I have been looking forward to more time to get on with my sewing and have been adding things onto my ever growing list of 'things I will do when Lou starts school' list, everyone around me has been busy trying to find me a 'proper' job. Everywhere I look, people are sending my links to random jobs, suggesting that I should apply for that ideal job that they saw in the paper, hinting that basically I need to get off my bum and do something useful and it's all getting a bit boring.

I quite enjoy my job, even if I spend some of my time pulling my hair out while trying to work out new patterns, and could cry when its gone midnight and I still have paperwork to do but its flexible which is crucial for me.

I've started selling Phoenix cards over the last few months and am really looking forward to having a bit more time to devote to this side of business. All of the cards are designed by UK illustrators and printed in the UK. The cards are lovely, great quality and the value is superb; each card is just £1.20 and if you buy 10 or more at a time, that price goes down to £1. I got my Christmas card samples on Friday and I am spoilt for choice but one that I think will go well with all of my woolly friends is this.....

This pack of 10 cards costs just £4. If you are interested in these or any cards, let me know :)

Yesterday, we went to my Grandparents 50th wedding anniversary. As is the way at these events, I saw older relatives who I haven't seen for years, some claimed they had never seen me but most were united in their ideas that as soon as children go to school, Mummy should go out to work and that sewing isn't really a proper job. I think they are all fairly sure that I am going to become a lady who lunches and have a social diary to make anyone jealous.

So while I was appreciating the irony of 'no-iron' clothes this afternoon and tackling the ironing pile, I devised a cunning plan. Basically you all need to buy everything out of my shops so that I have no time to socialise and will spend my time 24/7 working. As the Meerkats would say; simples ;)


RoxieDot said...

I'll talk to my bank manager and get a loan just for the purpose of keeping you afloat without the 9-5 hun! How about that?

Ignore what they say, you do what you enjoy and are so very clearly amazing at!

Enjoy school Lou!

Puddytat purr said...

How far away do you live? I'll give you a job teaching me to sew LOL - full time job that'll take many many months!

Julia Guthrie said...

What a bloomin cheek to suggest you need a 'proper' job! *pokes them all with sharp sticks*

Anyway, my Mum loved her bag & purse. And even more so because it was made by 'a friend of mine' (My parents do appreciate what goes into being self employed thankfully:)). And she was equally impressed with the quality of that zip too *grins*

PLUS...she does actually need a needle roll so I shall be back for one of those for xmas! LOL
So you can't get another job...then you'd be too busy or too tired to make your fabulous bags n stuff! :)


Kitschy Coo said...

The whole notion of a 'proper job' is probably my biggest bugbear! I get it a lot too. Maybe you should bore people stupid with a two hour monologue on all the different tasks you need to do when you'll self-employed, that'll teach em!

Personally speaking, I think working for myself (especially physically making things that make people happy) has greater job satisfaction than working for The Man. Although it's maybe not as well-paid ;)

Daisy said...

That's crazy! You're doing something you enjoy and which evidently works for you. And freelance is SO much better than the so-called proper jobs!