Monday, September 07, 2009

I wonder who she takes after...

Thanks for all of the comments last night. Especially Moxie. Yep, your bank manager has rung today and is forwarding my wages to me as I type so that's it, problem solved now ;)

School day 1 passed without a hitch from little Miss. As soon as she had her uniform on, Lou transformed into a calm and sensible little girl. As I mentioned to her teacher at school, if that was all she needed, I would have given her the uniform about two years ago.

Here she is with her big bro, J, who loves her just a little bit!!

When I picked her up from school this afternoon, she told me that she had been playing all day and hadn't had time to do any work but it was ok, she would be learning to read tomorrow.

As I was reading stories tonight, I remembered when I started school. I am the oldest of four and had been so excited about starting school and most importantly, learning to read. Apparently I came home on my first day, disgusted that I hadn't been taught to read OR write and had had to play all day. The next day, my teacher sat me in the wendy house in the morning and told me I was to stay in there all day. I was confused and a bit annoyed about the whole thing until she told me that my Aunt had told her about me complaining that all I had done was play so I could play all that day as well while the others did work. I'm fairly sure the whole episode back-fired on the teacher though because then no-one wanted to work and they all wanted to be in the play house.

I'm fairly sure that's the only resemblance there is between me and Lou. I'm much more laid back than her ;)


Bliss Knits said...

What a mean teacher you had!

Your kids look great in their uniforms. So clean and smart loving each other. Guess it won't last long... ;)

Kitschy Coo said...

That is the cutest picture ever. I'm aspiring to my kids being that harmonious by the time they go to school!

Phro5gg said...

I too was upset that I had not learned to read the first day. I did however tell my Mom that what I learned was "the boy's bathroom dor is blue and the girl's bathroom door is pink".

RoxieDot said...

Ah, good old British education! Stamp out any spark before it threatens society as a whole ;o)

Love the pic hun, too cute. Love your girl has her mama's sass too!