Thursday, October 22, 2009

Finally introducing 'Miya'

This was my lounge last night....

I have had a bag in my making pile since April. Every time I picked it up, I couldn't make my mind up what I wanted to do with it to finish it off. I've faffed around for ages now (6months to be precise), shown various people, asked them what they think of it, what I should do with it before I release it ('Nothing woman, just sew and I will buy!') .

Last night, however, I had a great idea so out came the lining paper. ruler, pen and chaos ensued in the lounge while I watched Holby. Then sewing while M was trying to watch Traffic Cops: South Wales. Then a bit of swearing when I couldn't make it work. Bed. This morning I had a better idea, came home, had another go and I think it might just work BUT in the meantime I am finally listing this because I have actually grown to love the simplicity of it more (maybe because I have been making it more complicated than it needs to be?) and still think it is an ideal sock knitting bag.

Just pop your yarn in, put the smaller handle over the big one then stick the long handle on your arm and knit. Perfect.

It's on Folksy now :)


BabyLongLegs said...

'Tis an awesome bag!!!
You need to create a custom listing on Folksy for one, as I know at least 2 people drooling over it.....hehehe

Hurrah for creativity!!

S xXx

Wharfedale Woolworks said...

That's fantastic and it's going on my Christmas list :)

Miffy said...

I so, so want this bag. You got any more coming in this fabric? It's gorgeous!