Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Redressing the balance..

It's half term this week. I've been looking forward to it for weeks; no chasing of children to get them out of the house at 820 every morning, no tired children when they get home from school, no hours wasted walking to and from school, the list goes on however something has happened.

For months, possibly even years, there has been an order chez Nicsknots. Jack has been the sensible, sometimes over-cautious, thinking child while Lou has been the hell-raiser; act now, think later. When she started riding her bike, it didn't bother her that she couldn't steer or stop her bike, she would just bike and deal with the consequences later. Generally thanks to a bush or a wall.

Friday was a teacher training day. I should have known it was going to be 'special' when before 7am, J had gone out in the back garden in his dressing gown, taken the rabbit out of his cage and put him in the rabbit run then proceeded to start cleaning his cage out! When asked to stop, he got the rabbit which promptly jumped out of his arms and made a bid for freedom so I spent 10 mins chasing the stupid thing around the garden in my dressing gown. Great!

Later on in the day we went round to our neighbours for a cup of tea. J and L see them as their adoptive grandparents. While we were having a cup of tea, J and L went out to play in the garden then it went quiet and I realised that they were playing down the side of the house. When I got down there, J was on the flat roof of the utility room, 10ft in the air, Lou standing with hands on hips telling me how he had climbed up the gate but she was a good girl. Apparently he went up there to see what he could see. As you do.

Since then Lou has been the good child, spending most of her days telling me the mischief that J is getting into and I have forgotten most of it. Perhaps for the best ;)

I've done loads of sewing for the shop this week but tonight, when I should have been making tea, I made these funky 'legs' for Looby.

I saw them on Kitschycoo's blog at the weekend and *needed* to make them. Amanda kindly made a tutorial and taadaa funky legs. I've seen babylegs all over the place over the last few years and never 'got' the point of them but I don't really care. I know she still needs socks but they are still soo much better than tights that end up falling down because the waist is too small but then the legs are too long if you get the right waist size. Anyway for now, I think I will have fun making a few pairs.


Kitschy Coo said...

Is she standing on the table?! Love them :)

RoxieDot said...

These are great - off to make some soon thanks to Kitschy Coo!

BTW I adore the elephant diddy bag! Gorgeous fabric! xxx