Saturday, December 19, 2009

Analytics are sooo true!

Thanks for all of the concern and messages about my sewing machine. All is going ok, the new machine is going well. I am getting the hang of everything being in the wrong place; I haven't sewn my finger putting a zip in since Thursday and I didn't cut my thumb once today by going to lift the needle up with the thread cutter rather than the lever on the wrong side so all is good.

I haven't got the hang of the needle threader though. I have managed to use it successfully a couple of times but I have managed to use it as a thread cutter more effectively so for now I will continue to thread the needle myself.

I got some super exciting material today. I have been waiting for it for a few weeks and was beginning to think that we would have to wait until next year to see it but it came, I saw, I abandoned all other work and made this......

I love the material and the quality is great so expect lots more of this in the New Year but in the meantime, you can buy the drawstring bag in my Folksy shop and if you buy before tomorrow night, it will be with you for Christmas. Treat yourself, you know you deserve it ;)

So tonight, I was watching the first half of the Strictly final while emailing people and checking my Google Analytics. It has been quite entertaining this week as I have had it tracking my Folksy shop for a month now so it is showing impressive figures like increases in hits of 1008% over this time last month. My blog shows slightly less impressive figures, in fact if I didn't have the silly positive figures of Folksy, I would be sulking that views of my blog have fallen this month over last month. I know I have blogged less this month because I have been busier though so I am guessing that is why and not that people are getting fed-up of my endless chatter.

Anyway, I was looking at the search queires that had resulted in people landing on my blog. Some were obvious; 'wilma herbert knit', although, to be fair, there isn't a lot of knitting here at the moment but the most entertaining result was 'I hate british roads'. Oh how true that statement is although I didn't realise that I blogged about it. I always mean to, when I am stuck going stupid miles an hour on an open road because an invisible workman might jump out in front of me or when I am driving down the A1 (I generally dislike this road. Stupid road!), I write posts in my head.

Ahh well. Entertained me. Especially as we are currently having a discussion about driving to Kent on Monday in this weather. DH believes he is a god on sand, (Yep, he did actually say that!!) snow and any other tricky driving conditions, he also believes that if there are hundreds of cars stuck infront and behind him on a motorway, he would just be able to drive around them in his Land Rover. That he hasn't had for 2 yrs so you know, we need to get in the real world. I am not risking being stuck in a freezing car on a motorway (or God forbid the bloody A1!) with two children. So it would seem I do hate British roads. Or maybe just English? We have gritters out in force when there is no ice but when we need them, we have run out of grit.


scarlettina said...

So, so true. After three days of snow, we have finally seen the gritters out tonight, saturday. Do you think they were just waiting for the overtime rates?

Daisy said...

I have the most fantastic route worked out for Wednesday - Staines to Normanton-on-Trent WITHOUT using the A1!