Tuesday, December 15, 2009


For a while now, I have been nurturing my sewing machine. I have been known to refer to her as an old lady; slow to get going in the morning but once she is warmed up, she is fine. Today was yoga at school, 8am start for the kids so lots of time for me to get work done. I started sewing at 8:05. I stopped at 8:15 when the machine died.

My sewing machine is older than me, it was my Grandma's and has been great, I love it but last time I took it to the sewing machine man(remember how I declared my undying love to him for resurrecting her from the dead then?) he said that I was lucky she was still working and that if the electronic unit went, it would be kaputt.

Well today it's electronic unit stopped. I tried cleaning it all out, I tried sitting her on the naughty step, I tried blowing in the hole where the cable goes in. Nothing worked.

I rang the sewing machine repair man up. He was out. I explained to his mate how urgent it was that I got it mended,while I waited for him to ring me back I stomped around the house and cried. He rang me straight back. I rushed to the shop and he had a look but he couldn't do anything.

As I was driving to the shop I realised that I needed a new machine *now*. I have orders from today to do, I have orders coming in, this is the busiest time of the year and my sewing machine is dead. Waaaa!

So I set about finding a replacement. I had a look at the shop, asked if I could have a go with a Singer and got told that I was spoilt when I told the man that the machine was too loud and clunky and that I wanted a machine like mine. I left the shop sulking.

Luckily there is another shop on the same street, I went in, I tried a Pfaff. It was ugly. I was told that it had wonderful German engineering. I pointed out that it didn't look as nice as a VW so moved onto Janomes.

Finally I settled for a Janome 525s and while it isn't love, I like it. I realise how spoilt I was with my old machine so now I miss her more. I don't want an automatic needle threader, what I want is a zipper foot that slides from one side to another without having to unclip it. I don't want 28 different stitches, I want the lever thingy at the back of the machine so that I can raise the foot with my left hand, not right but at least I can carry on sewing and you can carry on buying!


Bobbie said...

RIP Granny's sewing machine. Glad you found a replacement that you like rather than love but that you don't hate

Kitschy Coo said...

RIP old sewing machine :( I do like the sound of the sliding zipper foot!

If it's any consolation, I have several Janomes and I like them. Especially automatic needle threader which is currently broken and I miss it...

Miffy said...

Hugs Nic and RIP Granny's sewing machine.

I hope you can get along with your new one though.

Daisy said...

Oh no, your poor machine. Mine is like that (used to belong to elderly neighbour who left me it in her will!). I hope you get on OK with the new one and don't miss the old one too much.