Monday, December 14, 2009

It's the final countdown!!

Not wanting to add stress to anyone struggling with Christmas preparations or anything but it is indeed the final countdown.

Next Monday I am going to be starting my Christmas holidays. I haven't quite decided when or for how long I am going to close for Christmas but last posting date is officially the 21st, a week today and as I will be on my way down south then, I would advise you to get your orders in sooner rather than later. I will post on Monday but obviously, the sooner the better.

The mad-woman in me thinks I should stay open all over Christmas and New Year 'just in case' you *need* to buy something on Christmas day or you or bored on Boxing Day and have Christmas money burning a hole in your pocket but the rational me (buried deep down inside somewhere so I wouldn't worry, it never sees the light of day!), suggests that maybe I should close from next Monday night until Monday 4th Jan. What do you think? I could stay open but not post until New Year?

If it makes you feel better, I may be here, providing people with Christmas gifts but I am totally unprepared for my own Christmas. So unprepared that it is getting to be a bit of a joke. We have the tree up and some cards have been written, mainly by J and L who then wrote different names on the envelopes to the names they wrote in the cards which lead to parents of other children laughing at me and my inability to supervise my children to such a level that that wouldn't happen. I find this helps to make you feel good about yourself at 8:45 in the morning when you have been bed-hopping with a 5yr old all night.

I have had time this weekend to take photos of new fabrics and get them in my shop so the photos in this post show the new fabrics. I love the new Japanese sheep. I am sad that I can't find any more 'Organic Seeps' but these come a close second and now that I have seen the fabric in real life and am happy with it, I have order a bit more which should be here by the end of the year. I do have a few for sale in my Folksy shop at the moment though.

This Flower Fairy print is stunning. You can't really tell on the photos but it is also glittery so perfect for any little glitter-loving fairies you might have. It is also available in the larger Ruby bag. If you would like needle rolls or drawstring bags made with it, please just let me know.

Well school beckons then the shops. I had a mad idea to do baking tonight for teachers and instead of telling J and L what we were going to make, I asked what they wanted to do. Dear. God.

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Willa said...

Christmas?? Is it Christmas?? Have done only the bare minimum so far - had the vague faraway thought that maybe I should send some cards . .. soonish?

Hope you had fun making biscuits - will take you a week to clean up! Oh and love the sheep bag *saying in a quiet voice* don't want my monkey bag to get jealous!