Friday, January 15, 2010


So, judging by my comments, it seems that in all relationships there is one person who snoozes in the bath and the other who panics that they will drown. A bit like marmite then.

As I laid in the bath tonight, with a crick in my neck, trying to have a quick snooze in peace, I decided that what I needed was a bath pillow. I then realised that I have never seen a bath pillow since I was about 7 and we had one at home which Dad always used for snoozing in the bath. Maybe they didn't make them anymore? A quick google when I got out of the bath and I had a plethora of pillows to choose from. There is even a rather worrying battery operated one!

While in the bath, I did a bit of dreaming. The place we went to see today was amazing. Or rather what they are creating will be amazing. More than amazing. If I could write down where I would like to have my little studio, this would be the place; lovely little units full of crafters, at the moment; a glass blower, potter, wood carver and someone who makes things out of drift-wood, 5 acres of land that they are going to use to grow organic veggies which will supply their on-site cafe and the local community, an earthship which will be a great training and education room for local schools and further education and courses and a natural willow area which they we use to make willow shelters and more courses using willow. They hope to be able to go off the grid and provide all of their own power and water from the natural wells and heat their massive poly-tunnels with a clever solar panel/straw system. They even have two mad volunteer dogs pootling around the place.

At the moment they are working mainly with volunteers and local unemployed people who go there on work placement. Such a great place which you can see is already doing so much for the local community and will do more over time. We spent about 40 minutes there and Kate and I were so inspired by the whole place. We came home clutching forms to sign up for volunteering.

So even though we won't be moving into a cozy little workshop and studio in the next month or so, it will keep us focused and make all of the late nights working worth it. Wooooo


BabyLongLegs said...

It looks, and sounds brilliant, Nic......
So excited for you.....
Hey, this is our decade, babes!!

S xXx

Miffy said...

That looks fantastic Nic. I'm gonna have to holiday near you so I can come visit!