Thursday, January 14, 2010

Great intentions....

This week started off so well but has rolled off down the hill and it's Thursday and I haven't even had time to write here, ironic since one of the intentions was to blog every day! The list of things I wanted to get done this week is still sitting there with more things being added to the bottom BUT I will not be grumpy; I will step over the Christmas decorations for another day and ignore the mouse problem in the greenhouse and be happy or at worse ambivalent even if I did get my hair cut last night and no-one has noticed.

This morning I decided to have a play about at quilting with some fabric I had *ahem* kicking around. I haven't finished it yet and the photo isn't that great but here it is so far.....

It was actually quite therapeutic just sitting in front of the sewing machine and following the lines. I ran out of wadding and needed to get some material for the backing so had to take a trip into town where I got stranded due to a suspected bomb scare.

Yep, see what kind of week I am having; I go to a boring little town in the north to buy material and get caught up in bomb scares. I like to think that due to the absence of my friend Amanda, my life is the comedy of errors for people to enjoy. I admit, a poor substitute but as I waited under the plate glass wall, a few meters away from where there was supposedly a bomb, I couldn't help thinking 'Hmm, wouldn't it be mildly entertaining ironic if there actually *was* a bomb and we all died due to being stabbed to death by the glass wall we had been ordered to stand by....'. Of course, I couldn't help thinking this out loud, to the policeman who wouldn't let me go and get my car and pick up my babies from school. I like to think he appreciated my helpful advice and would bring up my concerns at his debrief..........

So how about another three beautiful things?

1. Lazy weekends. It would seem at the grand age of 5 and 6, my children now appreciate the beauty of a lazy weekend. Even though this meant that Lou missed her 9am ballet lesson on Saturday morning because she insisted that she wasn't getting up until it got light (this happened at 1127am), we had a great weekend doing nothing at all.

2. Long, hot baths. On Sunday morning, I even had an hour in the bath to finish reading my overdue library book. I haven't done that for at least 6yrs and 6 months. M always gets twitchy when I go and have a bath. I generally fall asleep in the bath and he is convinced that that is how I shall die (sorry, this post is a bit morbid today!). I am quietly confident that should I begin to drown, I would wake myself up and it would all be ok.....I am so quietly confident because I have indeed woken myself up, slipping under the water but we'll perhaps not tell him that, ok?

3. Potential exciting opportunities for Nicsknots. Tomorrow I'm going to see a place which could be an ideal, amazing location for a Nicsknots studio/workshop. Hehe. Sooooo exciting!

Right, on that note, I'm going to bed. I've got lots of dreaming to do.


Anonymous said...

Bob FREAKS at me for falling asleep in the bath, he's convinced that's how I'm going to die.

Exciting times ahead!

Swirlyarts said...

Hah - I'm sure the policeman appreciated your words :) I hate Matt falling asleep in the bath too - hate it!