Sunday, February 14, 2010

A cup of tea in bed, cake and letters...

I figured it was about time I did another post featuring three beautiful things so here we go.
  • I will have been going out with M for 10 years in March. In those ten years he has never made me a cup of tea in the morning so that I can enjoy a cup of tea in bed. That is until today. Good work Lucas, the best Valentines day present ever but please can I have another one a bit sooner, not sure I can wait another 10 years ;)
  • J insisted that we bought a chocolate fudge cake mix yesterday when were out shopping. I don't normally buy them because it isn't much more hassle to make it yourself and cheaper but somehow he did that thing where the box ends up in the trolley and I don't notice until I get to the checkout so today we have made cake and it was good. Yum!

  • Due to the unromantic M, I am forever touched by the loveliness of my little man. Last week he made this for me at school.


Dottie Designs said...

I would like to award you the Sunshine Award!
Details are at

Kitschy Coo said...

That card is cute, J made me one at nursery too and it's adorable :)