Sunday, February 21, 2010

Half term over. Already!

What a week! Half term is never long enough. We always make a list of things that we want to do while J and L are off and we never get them all done and we always seem to be busy! This afternoon was the first time we have just sat and then Lou was being the Mummy and making me (pretend) cups of tea and birthday cake while J and M were building Monopoly empires on their computers.

This week is going to be manic, catching up on work that got behind while the kids were off. We have a friend staying this weekend and I am wondering if he minds staying in our room with M while I share Lous bed. I'm not sure I have the time can face clearing out the spare room my craft room/laundry.

I also need to retrieve a car from the garage where we abandoned it on Monday after a disastrous attempt to get to town and have lunch with Mum.

Driving down the road the car started making a tapping noise when I accelerated. I thought it was maybe the exhaust and nothing major so carried on. Then smoke started coming out the back of the car so I figured than might be a good time to stop.

I pulled off the road (one that the AA later refered to as a 'very dangerous route' and issued me with 5 minutes of warnings), we got out of the car, in the snow, stumbled up the embankment. I stood for a minute, surveying the slowly smouldering car, the snow and then the hysterical daughter who decided that we were all going to die.

I managed to convince her that it was all fine, and we'd get home when a shifty looking bloke on a bike, wearing a black balaclava came over to talk to us. Not wanting to join Lou in her hysteria, I decided that chances were the man wasn't as dodgy as he looked; he asked me if I had got a lift. Hmm well not just yet, let me get my phone out of my pocket and not being funny but how are you going to give us a lift on your push-bike? At this point Lou decided to tell us that the man looked like a robber. Someone shoot me now!!

The man disappeared after he had given me his opinion on what was the matter with my car (broken head gasket; I swear this is the only ailment men are aware of on cars because it is always the head gasket if you ask a man what is the matter with a car) , I rang M, obviously I couldn't get hold of him, he wasn't in his office and he doesn't believe in being contactable by any other (mobile) means so rang my Dad and Daddy came to the rescue before we all became snowmen. Anyway, the car is still at the garage, it isn't the head gasket but the mechanic doesn't know what is the matter with it and I want it fixed. Now. Please!

So back to school tomorrow and I am now firmly looking towards Spring and Mother's Day. I have started making a range in this lovely flowery print and I have an exciting free gift offer coming up in the next week or so....


Kitschy Coo said...

As a sadist I like that story :) And isn't Lou old enough to make you proper tea now?!

Nic said...

Well it depends; she made me a birthday cake with chips for candles and watermelon and jacket potato for the cake...I feel it is better that she doesn't move onto the proper stage yet ;)