Tuesday, February 09, 2010


I loved Tuesdays last term. J and L have yoga on a Tuesday morning at 8am so it means that I am home just after and can get loads of work done. Well that is how it used to be. They still have yoga but L has added attitude since New Year and this manifests itself on a Tuesday morning when we have to be up and organised in good time, by telling me how she isn't going to get ready and that she can't get dressed and generally plays up at being a little madam meaning that when we get to yoga at a minute to eight, when the rest of the children are sitting there, almost serenely, I am searching for someone who wants an extra daughter. Unsurprisingly, no-one ever does.

Today I was determined that we were going to get to school on time. All was going well; J was up and dressed for 7 and L reassured me that she had put all of her naughty back in its box and locked it up for the day - if only I could find the box and throw it out or burn it or something!

All was well until it came to getting school bags ready. Now I know the perfect mothers have these ready the night before but I am no perfect mother; bags are hung up by the front door when we come in from school and stay there until the next morning when they are repacked with reading books and lunches.

Today J needed his PE bag. I looked for it, I asked J to look for it, M even got up to look for it. Half an hour later the PE bag was found. In the back garden, soaking wet and on the handles of his scooter from Friday night. Where else would you leave your PE kit?

I did manage to do productive things today though. I ordered some new fabric last Monday from Korea and miraculously it arrived today. I had been looking forward to this but when I opened the box I was a bit annoyed with myself. The print was HUGE. I was thinking the sheep would be the size of my thumb nail, not half the palm of my hand but I made a couple of bags and posted them on my Facebook page and the general opinion was that they were good so more funky sheep in Nicsknots shop!

Look at this sheep, with a ball of wool!


Kitschy Coo said...

I feel your pain! I bid and won on a hugely expensive dala horse fabric on ebay about two years ago and still haven't used it because the horses ended up being about ten inches each! I think those sheep are cute though, and fine the size they are :)

Nic said...

I'm glad I'm not alone..not that it makes it much better because I am forever doing it. You would (like to) think that I would learn. Need to make more BIG bags!

Fibrespace said...

I guess I'm not a perfect Mother either, forgot to defrost the bread last night so the kids had packed lunches without sandwiches today. Love the fabric.