Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Grumpy girl...

I'll be honest, I have been hiding this week because I am mainly grumpy. For a number of reasons really.

To start with while listing a bag on MISI on Monday I saw that someone was selling a bag for £1.49. Why sell it? Just give it away, it'd be better for all concerned; you are clearly making no money from that, you are doing no favours for the people who are working hard to make a living out of making and you clearly value yourself and your skill at nothing so just give your things away and let the people who actually want to make a living have a chance.

Then someone emailed me about someone else who had decided that they would call their childs bag 'Lucy'. Obviously this is a common name and a complete coincidence that they have called their bag this. And used one of the fabrics I use. And with the same measurements. That's cool, my Dad always told me that copying was the sincerest form of complement. Thanks.

And today I find out that while I was doing an event with my Phoenix cards last week, another trader decided to attempt to poach my custom by leaving brochures with her name on them. Ahh well, if you're that desperate, eh? Ironic since I was a last minute booking as no-one else had been interested. Maybe they didn't want to pay table fees so they thought they would do a bit of guerilla marketing.

But not all has been bad. I have had the best idea ever for an office space and I have been busy sewing with some new fabrics. I have listed two today with more to come tomorrow, hopefully.

First we have another Lucy bag. It is made with this stunning 'Blue butterfly' fabric that has gold thread running through the material. I could have sworn I had made this before but I have no photos so maybe I dreamt it?

Lou is still hiding her bracelets and necklaces from me so I have had to use her hair slides. Better not tell her or she will be hiding those too!

This next bag is some of the new fabric I picked up at the weekend. It is going to look great as a bigger bag but for today, I think it looks pretty cool like this too...

I feel 'Red retro flowers' will be playing a big part in Nicsknots summer shop...unless you all decide that you hate it, of course ;)

Oooh and I nearly forgot, my 'Miya' bag got a mention on a lovely blog today. Go and have a look, please ;)

And on Saturday I am going to see Charley Boorman. Woo!! I promise I won't be grumpy next time I blog, I might even tell you of my great office plans....


birgittadesigns... said...

You were't half as grumpy as you think yo were, hope your eeling better :0) love the rede retro flower bagxb

BabyLongLegs said...

Oh sweetie.... (((hug)))
It really is so annoying when you have a copycat stalker isn't it?
It must be so much harder for you though, as your beautiful things have tangibility, where as when a colourway is similar you just can't put your finger on it, if you see what I mean...
Stick at it, will triumph because your stuff is perfecto :)

And a BIG lol at Lucy hiding her girly stuff....she's such a madam ;)

S xXx

Jean said...

Just to let you know that the fish bag I bought from you ages and ages ago came to Sydney with me and my 2 year old grandaughter insisted on taking it with her treasures in, to her baby sister's christening!! I turned it inside out so the red side was showing and she looked so sweet.
Am looking lovingly at the Lucy bag. May buy one for her birthday!

ClaireEJ said...

I use your bags all the time. The last Funky Sheep bag I bought seems to go everywhere at the moment.
Cheap imitations are just Flattery is lovely but selling something handmade so cheaply just makes them look desperate or as if their work is rubbish. I don't think I'd even want to try something that cheap.
The red retro is gawjus! Would look fabulous as a tote bag!

Nic said...

Thanks everyone for the support. I really appreciate it. I didn't really want to put grumpy posts on my blog but I couldn't get it out of my head and had been half-writing posts all week and abandoning them so thought I would write then draw a line under it.
Claire, the retro flowers are becoming a tote now, great minds ;) It looks fab.

Katie Mottershead said...

I can't believe people have the cheek to copy your bags Nic, and even use the same name and fabric - shocking and it's bad karma i say.
You have a right to be grumpy Nic, but i know Charlie will cheer you up on Saturday, can't wait :-)

Birds and Bees Photography xx

Atomic Knitting said...

Nic I've just had the exact same thing happen to me and I'm not happy either. It's infuriating, makes you wonder why you bother, plays on your mind and generally makes you fed up. So I also wrote a rant on my blog and felt much better for it :-). Obviously this is all negative bad karma which is bad news.

My customers love your bags and I can't seem to stock them fast enough. I figure these copycats just won't last the distance, so chin up, and keep doing what you're best at :-)
Here's a big dose of good positive karma coming at ya!