Friday, March 19, 2010

Is turning back time an option?

I'd like to pretend that it is Monday again please. Is that ok? This week has been so crappy in so many ways that I can't talk about so I have my pile of sand to bury my head in and have decided to pretend that this week hasn't happened. I would say 'yet' because I don't want it to happen again, but you know what I mean.

So suppose it was Monday, the day after Mother's Day; this is the post I was planning.....

My Mother's Day.

So the one day of the year that Mums throughout the UK think that they deserve a lie-in and breakfast in bed. We can live with getting up at the crack of dawn for the other 364 days of the year while our delightful other half snores but Mother's Day, forget it.

6:45am Lou came bounding in our room and thrust a card in my face. I read the card through bleary eyes; a mixture of tears at the sweetness of the verse and hand-made card and the fact that I had only just been woken up.

Then she handed me a biscuit;

'Mummy I have made you a satsuma flavoured biscuit but you have to share it with me because sharing is nice and Miss S says that we have to share so you need to give me half!' Thanks for that Lou, the thought is there, eh?

J piled in five minutes later with another hand-made card '....with 21 kisses in it because that is how much I love you, Mummy' and a bookmark that he had made. Lucy quickly decided that she needed a new bookmark so kindly took it off me and slipped it in her book with the ease of a skilled pick-pocket.

So its 7am. Breakfast time then as far as the kids are concerned so J went to Daddy;
'Daddy, come on, wake up, it's time to make Mummy her breakfast'
'What did I say? I'm not getting up until it is after 8 so I am not making breakfast for anyone'

Hmm. So we all lay in bed for half an hour, me reading to J and L while a certain someone snores away then Lou decided to go downstairs and make me a bowl of rice krispies and J tells me that because it is Mother's Day, I can ask for whatever I want. Ahhh

And what do we do for the day?

Yep, you'd be right to think that that is carnage on the kitchen table. This is because I made the mistake of mentioning polystyrene eggs and how we needed to make our egg scene things for school before the Easter holidays and everyone decided that Mother's Day should be spent having a 'lovely' crafty day.

J wanted to make a Darl-egg. Or rather wanted one making in his name but really didn't want to put that much of his own effort in so M managed to *cough* help him to make this with little resistance to ideas...

Here they are working in harmony together...

Here is the girls effort.....

While J was open to suggestions as to how to make his Darl-egg, L didn't really want any help;we had tears when I suggested that we make the wheels a little smaller, there were tantrums when I tried to point out that Snow White was never going to get in her carr-egg-dge if she was that big, L said she didn't care. I bit my tongue, put the kettle on, made another cup of tea and decided that I didn't care either and wondered how on earth it could have taken us 6hrs to make *that*

Ahh well not long until next Mother's Day. I will learn from my mistake, I won't mention crafts.....

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GiddyStuff said...

Love the Darl-egg! I used to regret mentioning baking when mine was small!