Friday, April 30, 2010

#Everything is good for you, as long as it doesn't kill you#

Whenever I do a show, I always vow to take the following week off because I am always really tired, the house is in a mess from kids and husband being left to fend for themselves and I have missed my weekend so need at least a day to get on top of things.

Whenever I do a show, however, I always plan loads of things for the week after that I have put-off in the run-up to going away so I can't take that week off and consequently, it is a killer. This week has been especially so and only now am I starting to see an end out of it and getting things done that I want done.

Kids haven't helped my whole frame of mind either. I have spent most of the week stressing about one or both of them and dreaming of just a day where I don't worry...hmm I'm guessing that will never happen ;)

This week J hasn't been a happy boy. Lou has started tennis with his class after school on a Wednesday and the medal that he has been trying to win since September, Lou brought home after her first week.

I go from congratulating Lou to commiserating with J in a split-second. Lou basks in the glory and tells us that she will be taking the medal everywhere she goes for the next week, Jack informs me that he is never going to be as good as Lou.

The problem is, J probably won't ever be as good as Lou. Not at tennis, anyway. She is one of those annoying people who tries something sporty and 99% of the time gets it right first time, for the other 1% she will try and try until she does get it. J tries hard for a while then gets frustrated because he isn't doing as well as he would like and gives up.

I feel his pain, I was always rubbish at sport. I won the egg and spoon race at school purely because I walked while the rest of the class ran and lost their eggs. I walked because I hated running, not because I thought it would stop the egg falling off.

When it is time to practise spelling after tea, J complains bitterly about how he doesn't want to do them while Lou asks if I will give her some to do so she does the ones Jack did last year, writes them all down, gets them all right, no hassle. J continues to whinge and complain.

Thank goodness for long weekends. I am planning no homework and lazy days in the rain....oh and blog posts. I have a few ready for you :)


BabyLongLegs said...

Poor J :(
My Thing 2 is pretty much the same as Lou... bloody annoying for Thing 1 sometimes, but there are 4 years between them, so he copes better than J...but only a bit ;)

Give your lovely boy a huge hug from me...

S xXx

Kitschy Coo said...

Oh, poor J :( That must be very hard for him, especially as they are so close in age. I think we're going to have some of these problems too, M seems to pick things up quicker that J too. Hope you have a restful weekend!

Daisy said...

Sounds just like me and my brother. He always just took to things straight away ( and did them better!).