Friday, April 16, 2010


It feels like Groundhog Day here at the moment. J, L and M are *still* on their holidays and as much as I love having them around, every day consists of me being woken up too early by children who insist on wanting porridge for their breakfast so that I have to go down and make it for them rather than cereal that they could just make themselves then coming back to bed and having 'just five more minutes' until I drag my lazy ass out of bed, grumpy with myself for getting up too close to 9am then spending the day alternating between working and feeling guilty that I am fobbing the kids off or doing things with the kids and feeling that little ball of panic rising as I think of all of the things that I *should* be doing.

So that means no blogging and a stressed Nic. It is Wonderwool next weekend and as is typical me; I need to get more stock done, not because I don't have stock but because there are things that I want to get done, to be there. And not only stock. I want to redo my website, sort out the different shops that I have around the place and just generally feel more organised. So there we are. Stressed Nic!

This afternoon I was looking for some fabric that I knew I had and after emptying one of my huge, blue Ikea bags full of fabric, I had found a pile of half-finished things so this weekend I am going to finish them off.


scarlettina said...

Ah, the big blue ikea bags. How did we ever manage without them?

Mine return to school on Monday and, much as I love them, I will be glad to see an end to these particular school holidays. Juggling work and children is never easy.

Enjoy wonderwool!

Kitschy Coo said...

'Too close to 9AM'? Hahahahahaha. I would love that. It's 6AM here. Not that I'm minimising the stress you're under, no siree. Good luck getting everything tgether for Wonderwool!

Nic said...

Scarlettina> Every time I go to Ikea, I buy another blue bag, sure that that will contain my fabric. One day ;)

Kitschy>haha I should be so lucky. Its 6 here but then after making breakfast and grumping around, I go back to bed with a cup of tea for that stupid sleep where you wake up more tired than when you got in bed...prob because you are actually awake, listening to the children plotting to kill you or something....

Daisy said...

I don't think I'd be able to cope with children. It's bad enough at the moment trying to get everything done, and that's just with two adults around!

Hope you have a good time at Wonderwool!