Saturday, April 10, 2010

Thank goodness for helpful husbands!

At last I have had more then half an hour to myself today since the Easter holidays started.

Mr Nicsknots is also on holiday, however, so far, every time I have suggested that he may like to take over child-care for an hour or so so that I can sew or take photos or do Nicsknots related things without simultaneously entertaining J and L, there has been a sharp intake of breath and he has run off to his den but today I spotted a chink in his amour; he wanted to go to the shops after he had taken J and L to their tennis lessons.

Admittedly he wanted to go and buy paint but food is like paint and since we have no food in the cupboards because I have been playing the 'You are at home too so lets see who cracks first and goes to the shops' game, I used the opportunity to write a list and sent him off with two children for the afternoon.

Over 3 hours and £220 later, they returned. Looby had a trophy for being player of the week, J had a new tap for the kitchen and M had random food. Random because he always buys rubbish but also because J and L had taken complete advantage of Daddy taking them shopping and told him that Mummy always buys (insert random food that we have never eaten in our lives before) things.

I don't care though because I got so much work done. So many bags finished, so many photos taken and so much other stuff done.

So here is my new fav fabric;

I haven't decided if this is going to be used for knitting bags and rolls. What do you think, should I just leave it for my girlie bags?

While the sun was shining, I also got some photos of my 'Spring Flowers' bags and roll together.

The dpn/crochet hook roll is featured in 'Inside Crochet' and The Knitter' magazines this month. I was a bit annoyed at the photo in 'The Knitter' when I saw it because you couldn't see anything of the roll other than the corner sticking out of the top of a mass-produced bag but hey ho!


icklebabe_com said...

Lol! so funny and true on so many levels1
just more evidence to prove that men and women are so very very different!
Love your new creations too...I have that fabric its luverly :D xxx

jodi said...

I forgot how much I love your blog! Love the new fabrics too :) I think it's bag fabric!

Swirlyarts said...

Love the fabric :)