Saturday, June 05, 2010


It was half term here last week. I hadn't planned to take an entire week off, normally when the kids are on holiday, I work before they get up and when they are in bed but we had friends to stay from Tuesday and it all got a bit hectic with kids and gossiping and cups of tea and stuff. We had a great time and the weather was HOT.

When we were staying with them at Easter, they joked that it would be nice to come here when the weather was nice as they only ever seem to come in the Winter or when we are getting Arctic weather and being from the South, they feel the cold ;) I had visions of us being plunged back into Winter again, just in time for them arriving, especially as it was chucking it down with rain all the time they were driving here but we got up on Wednesday morning to blue skies and it stayed the same all the time they were here.

I would show you pictures of us having a lovely time. Maybe not the kids and Dads on their bikes on Wednesday because we had more important things to do, like shopping but you could have witnessed Costa-del-Cleethorpes, the amazing wind barrier that the Dads and kids tirelessly made for us so that we could sit out of the wind, the tunnel that they made under it later, me looking on terrified as my children crawled through the tunnels, fish and chips by the sea, ice creams by the sea, more bike rides, you get the picture? I don't. My camera died :( My photos look like this...

Yes, there is a photo there but not very useful. I could cry. You know my plans for next week? Destash. Great, big destash of fabric followed by lots of new bags. Now I have no camera to take the photos with.

After much mucking around tonight I can get the camera to do this....

but it won't focus on things close up, the colour is all wrong, not to mention the lines so basically useless.


Kitschy Coo said...

Bugger, sorry about the camera! Mine is using hte flash ALL OF THE TIME just now so my pictures aren't too hot either :( And speaking of other things we have in common, I'm also planning a destash this week! Snap.

GiddyStuff said...

So annoying about your camera, my memory card went gaga last year on holiday so I sympathise.
I tried to have a magazine destash this week, but it didn't work!