Thursday, June 24, 2010

Time out!

These last few weeks have been stressful for so many different work/home/school/life reasons. Last week I was finding myself taking no breaks or if I was, it was lunch in front of the computer, answering emails or cups of tea while sewing. I felt harassed and horrid all week.

On Sunday I finally tidied up my big greenhouse. I am lucky to have two greenhouses. One I use all year round for seed growing and general stuff but in the bigger one, I put the garden table in autumn and use it as a 'studio' to take photos of my bags and things when the light is bad. In the Spring, I normally move the table out and set my tomatoes and cucumbers out but this year I have been lax. I had planted a couple of tomatoes and cues out and some salad bits but had left the table in the other half.

Sunday morning, Father's Day, M decided that he would spend his morning watching tv with J and L so I decided to tidy. After an hour, it looked like this....

much better! The salad, radishes and beetroot are still on the left then a few tomatoes then cues, then more tomatoes with basil plants in-front.

On Monday, I had a rubbish day; I had loads to do and had been really annoyed by yet another flippant 'You don't work' comment from a Mum at school because apparently working from home = sitting on your ass doing nothing. I got on with work in the morning but I was still ready to kill so I went outside with a cup of tea, went into the greenhouse, shut the door, because it was windy and had a chat with the cues and tomatoes. Five minutes later, the world was a better place.

I realised that I need to get away from the sewing machine and computer to have proper breaks, to be more productive throughout the day and through-out the week, I have carried this on.


Anonymous said...

It looks lovely. And you are right. It's good to create a space where you can go (when you feel like the world is horrid and spinning too fast) which makes everything just right!

Moxie x

Anonymous said...

I agree with Moxie! And it's good to have a break away from work stuff too... greenhouse looks great :)

Swirlyarts said...

No I don't work either apparently! That's what one mum at school thought until Matt casually told her that as soon as I got up in the morning I was checking emails etc and worked until I went to bed. She also sees me every Saturday while the girls do ballet sitting sewing etc so knows I very rarely stop. Doesn't stop her moaning about 'going out' to work! Gah, some people!! I'm also guilty about multitasking and eating lunch while responding to emails etc. One day I'll sit and have a proper lunch!

Linden said...

Love the photo of your tidied greenhouse and glad to hear it's helped! I feel just the same when I've been hands on with the garden for a while, relaxed and grounded; it makes a world of difference.

It's good to hear you're going to schedule in proper breaks and I'm sure you'll be feeling the benefits very soon.

Daisy said...

When I was working from home I ended up making myself take breaks at the same time I would at work... Which did kind of help (until I made the mistake of turning the TV on at lunchtime!)