Monday, June 28, 2010

Turning back time : Folksy Woolfest Friday

So I had planned to post this on Friday. We went away for the weekend and you know how the day before you go away, you think you are superwoman and can do a million and one things? Well I do, anyway, but sadly my Superwoman super-powers failed and I couldn't get lots of things done so imagine it is Friday....

I love Woolfest but this year I am going to my friends wedding in lovely Oxfordshire so Nicsknots won't be in the Lakes this weekend. In honour of Woolfest, my Folksy Friday is all woolly, knitting, crochet related. There are lots of talented yarn dyers, suppliers of all sorts of knitty things on Folksy so go over and have a look.

I am having a little giveaway/competition so everyone who buys from my shop and quotes 'Woolfest' in checkout until Wednesday will be entered into a prize-draw and one customer will get their order for free.

Oooh and before I go, the limited edition Nicsknots/Babylonglegs collab is on my Folksy shop just here too.......

Purple Shmurple Pennydog
Raindrops on Roses Treegems
She Draws Nicsknots

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Bobbie said...

Love the new look of your blog Nic!! xxx