Thursday, July 08, 2010


When J and L were toddlers, we had friends over to stay, it was September, we were in the garden chatting. The friend decided to lecture me on how we should make sure our children ate enough fruit and veg. I laughed. L was just 1, she was crawling around, pinching tomatoes straight from the plants and J was 2 and he was picking and shelling peas with M in the veggie patch.

Tonight L was in the garden playing tennis while I was doing spellings with J in the kitchen. After a few minutes I realised that it was all quiet so I went in the garden and couldn't find her so I walked down to the bottom of the garden and found this....

A lesser-spotted Loobie in the raspberries.

I'm aware that I am a bit quiet at the moment. It's a bit manic here. My next show is Knit Nation at the end of the month in London and I also have a busy shop and had lots of wholesale orders all at the same time as not feeling 100% and the usual busy end of term things at school. I'm not complaining at all, this is a very happy place to be but its a bit of a juggling act so if you are waiting to hear from me, that is why it might take me a bit longer to get back to you.

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