Friday, July 23, 2010

End of term!

Wow, I can't believe the academic year is over already. This year has gone so quickly. We waited for ages for Lou to start reception and her year has been over in a blink. J starts in the Juniors next year and even though the school is now a primary, the progression is still felt and he (and me) is feeling a bit nervous about what next year will bring. He is worried that he will have to work *even* more and play *even* less.

Yesterday was the last day of term. School has been winding down for weeks, not much work has happened and we have had unsettled kids while they have found out whose class they will be in next year then had a couple of days getting used to them then class parties then the goodbyes yesterday.

There were many tears in Reception class from teachers and parents...well Mums to be exact; of the two Dads there at hometime, one stood taking the mikey out of the blubbing mums while the other attempted to make people feel better. I don't care what people say, reception teachers (and teaching assistants) play such an important role in the lives of our children when they start school; they see them for longer than us in the week.

We have been really lucky for J and L. They both had the same reception teacher and TA and they are lovely. Everyone in my house loves Miss S and Mrs H...well not sure about Michael, but Jack, Lou and I love them. Lou normally wants to go home with her teacher for the weekend and wanted to invite them both to her birthday party. So we had to find special presents for special teachers.

Lou wanted to give her teachers everything; chocolates, flowers, plants, drawings, cake, pink things, something to keep her teacher warm because she is always cold....the list was endless. I suggested, in an attempt to narrow the search and shopping list down, we found something to do with Honeybees, as that is the name of her class.

Last Sunday she decided she was going to get some lavender because bees like it and she likes it and it would last for a long time then she decided that she would draw honeybees on the pot...we ended up with this.....

We had some artistic differences because I wasn't entirely sure that the paint that she decided she would use would be waterproof but after a bit of testing, it seemed ok.

We also bought some badges from KittyEden. I had seen some with cupcakes on her Facebook page earlier in the week and loved them so I asked Sara if she could make some with honeybees on. I think they are great. I have just spent half an hour trying to find photos of them but I appear to have filed them away somewhere safe so until I find the photo, they look like these but with honeybees ;)


Julia Guthrie said...

What a lovely idea! I'm sure those gifts will be well recieved :)

I remember when my Stepdaughter left Primary school. We saw her in the afternoon & she would just randomly keep bursting into tears at the thought of missing everybody :( aww

GiddyStuff said...

What a wonderful idea, love the bees x

Daisy said...

That teachers' present thing is so cool! You wouldn't believe the stuff they do round here for teachers, it's like being on a different planet...

Lisa-Marie said...

How utterly lovely those lavender pots are!