Tuesday, July 27, 2010

I'm going to Knit Nation with...Interchangeable needle cases!

Finally!! I have been faffing around with fine-tuning these cases for months. I wanted to make them at the start of last year but then things got in the way and because I don't seem to schedule 'design time' into my working week, things don't progress from thought to actual design until either a. I want one or b. People nag me enough.

In this case it was b. Lovely Anna from knitting brought me material and we designed over cake one morning. I made the case but wanted to change a few bits so it lay dormant until another lovely knitty friend asked me to make her one too but with alterations to the original so we doodled again then I sewed, then we ripped what I had made to pieces then I sewed some more, then we ripped again...see the process has been going on for ages. Poor Jo, I bet she thought she was never going to get her case BUT about a month ago, we finally decided that we were happy with what we had and I decided that I would strike while the iron was hot....read 'make some more before I forgot how I created such a miracle' so I introduce my 'Interchangable Needle Case'. I hope you like it...

All folded up

And opened out. There is a big pocket behind the zippered pouch to put your cables. See my one lonely one there ;)

The little zippy pouch for all of your end stops and needle tightener-thingys

Two rows of pockets.There are 20 separate pockets for your tips.

The pockets would work fine for dpns as well so you could have this to hold all of your needles. This will be the standard size but as with all of my cases and bags, I am happy to customise for you.

Looking at my photos, you can maybe see why it took me so long to make the case. I don't own many interchangables so it was very much a case of having to hassle people who did to see what they needed and how it would work. I think I might need to buy myself some more...purely for photographic purposes you understand ;)

I haven't got any listed in my shops yet as I am about to put them on holiday mode while I am in London but I will start listing them next week so if you want to message me with fabric choices, feel free :)


Bobbie said...

Think this is lovely Nic!!

Daisy said...

Oooh how fantastic! I WANT one of those!

GiddyStuff said...

This is a brilliant idea. I've ended up keeping all my interchangable bits in their horrible plastic wallets so I don't lose them. And as for double pins, they're everywhere, end up buying new ones all the while!

The Grockler said...


Jo here. Can I confirm that I love my needle case, it is brill.

It didn't take that long to put it together, especially since I kept on making suggestions. You did really well :-)

Lisa-Marie said...

It's beautiful!

Also, I tweeted you this too, but, I pulled a muscle in my neck at work on Friday, and can't move much, so your parcel is going to be late. I am really sorry (and annoyed at myself,I'm generally a prompt person!), but I will post it by Tuesday at the lastest! The bits are cut out, I just can't sit at my machine to sew them together!