Thursday, July 15, 2010

Groundhog day.

Last Friday M announced that he was on his summer holidays. Joy. If you need a reminder about what he gets up to on his holidays, look here.

Sadly nothing has changed since last year. Well if you substitute reading Harry Potter books for playing with his sailing boat in the back garden oh and ripping tiles from around the bathroom window down this morning and leaving them in the kitchen sink all day.

I wouldn't even mind that he was playing with his boat if he had gone to bed in decent time the night before instead of staying up until 4am playing on his computer and had helped get the kids to school and do some housework while I was working but no I have to ask if I want anything doing around the house when he finally drags himself out of bed at lunchtime then anyone would think I had asked him to do something really awful and stressful.

I'm betting he will be up early in the morning because he is going climbing *sigh*

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Daisy said...

Good luck!