Monday, September 13, 2010

It's National Cupcake week!

I started this post on Monday and had great plans for the week but it's now Thursday and *ahem* not much has happened. Well, loads has happened, that is why I haven't blogged but, you know, it's Friday tomorrow and I still haven't said anything so here I am, if I don't hurry up, this will be old news.

There are lots of 'weeks' and 'days' now but I like to take notice of the important ones like 'National Cupcake Week', which it is, this week.

I didn't really get the appeal of cupcakes to start with but I admit, I have been suckered into it. I have a couple of prints in my shop and I love the cupcake cards that I have in my Phoenix cards webshop.* They are always so cheery and bright. I got my new cupcake print stamp from Skull and Cross Buns yesterday so now I can stamp cupcakes everywhere :D

* All for a bargain price of £1.20 each or £1each if you buy 10 or more


Anonymous said...

hmmmm delicious cupcakes!

twinklyspangle said...

Yay for cupcake week, surely the best week ever?

Curly Tales said...

Hurrah! I didn't realise it was cupcake week last week, but funnily enough I made some scrummy ones for a playdate and made a chocolate orange frosting that Jenson thought was particularly good and he managed to get all over his face :D Yay for cakes in general! Your stamp sounds fun, cake prints are good, I agree!