Thursday, September 23, 2010

Spins and Needles, Lincoln

I love shows for all of the lovely people that I get to meet; you never know who might come and see you. On Saturday morning at Knit Nation, Woolly Wormhead and I were standing actually probably slouching, feeling a bit sorry for ourselves after a late night; of course it had nothing to do with drink and everything to do with the not-sleeping habits of one of our room-mates.

A lady came up to our stand and started talking to Woolly; she was in the process of taking over a yarn shop and wanted to stock her books, all good, then she said that her yarn shop was in Lincoln; 40mins away from me. I admit, I was very excited and was maybe a little rude in butting into the conversation to ask what was going to be stocked, when it would be open, how excited I was that the shop would be stocked with funky things.

Somehow I didn't scare the lady off and after she had finished talking to Woolly, she came over to talk to me about stocking my bags and needle rolls.

On Sunday I went to Lincoln to drop some of my needle rolls and bags off with Sarah and to have a sneaky peak at the new shop and some of the lovely stock she had in.

Tomorrow Spins and Needles, in Clasket Gate will open with a stash swap in aid of Macmillian Cancer Support. If you've read my last post, you will see that I am a little busy tomorrow but I hope Sarah has a great first day tomorrow and loads of people coming into the shop.


Daisy said...

How exciting! Don't know when I'll next be visiting Lincoln but it sounds fab.

anna said...

Went today. What a lovely lady, and how much yarn. Lots of british wool and milliamia. Definitely worth a visit. And nice to see someone interested in getting different yarns.