Tuesday, January 04, 2011

Mag destash!

Every year, in fact no, every month, I say that I am going to sort this house out and get rid of a load of stuff and I do but I also keep a load of stuff too then get annoyed because a. There isn't enough room and b. I can't find anything.

This year I have decided that I am going to make my house pretty and have a proper clear-out. Anything that doesn't get used is going. It'll be a bit tricky because Mr Nicsknots is king of the hoarders but he has an office and a couple of sheds so all of his stuff can go in there ;)

Anyway, today I have been sorting through my magazines (while looking for something else!) and have decided that I am going to get rid of most of them. I started subscribing to Sew Magazine ages ago and I don't even really read it any more. It comes through the door, I get excited, I flick through it for a few days then I put it away, never making anything with the proper tissue patterns and never reading it properly so now I have stopped my subscription and you lucky people can have some of my almost pristine magazines. They are £5.99 normally so I am selling them for £3 and that includes postage.

Here is what I have photographed so far, sorry the photos aren't great, it's a bit gloomy here, again!

Issue 8 Feb 2010

Issue 9 March 2010

Issue 10 April 2010; **Now sold**

Issue 13 July 2010;

Issue 15 Sept 2010;

Issue 16 Oct 2010;

Issue 17 Nov 2010; **Now sold**

Issue 18 Dec 2010; **Now sold**

I also have a couple of issues of Sew Hip. So far I have photographed issue 4;

If you want any of these, leave me a comment here. Thanks :)


Daisy said...

I've been doing the same thing - just listed some stuff on ebay and Freecycle!

KL said...

Not wanting to buy any, but just to empathise with you, the mountain of stuff in our house is quite ridiculous. In an effort to get the clutter under control, I'm instituting a new policy for 2011: 1 in, 2 out!!

scarlettina said...

Oooh, I have been unable to get these magazines recently. Please could I buy April, Nov & Dec SEW mags?