Wednesday, January 05, 2011


So, Operation 'Pretty up Nicsknots HQ' is under way. This is the cupboard that I bought at the weekend from my new fav shop, Homesense, now in its new home...

I lost the remote control the night I brought it home, spent ages looking for it and in the end gave up. The next morning I asked J if he knew where it was;

'Well, in one of these baskets I should think, Mummy',

He said, as he pulled the baskets out that he had already filled with remote controls, books and Wii remotes. I don't think so mate!! Everything was removed. At the moment the fibre optic lamp that L got for Christmas lives on top because she has nowhere in her room to put it and I quite like my cake stand there. I might move the Christmas Angel though ;)

While sorting things out, I moved all of my notecards and things and Lou spotted these lovely 'Thank-You' cards that the lovely Dots and Spots sent me before Christmas. L decided that she could put them to better use than me and spent an hour writing letters to people tonight while J did his homework.

And you know what would look fab on the top of my new cupboard?

These night lights from Wendy Jung that I spotted on the 'I Love Handmade' blog

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Daisy said...

That's hilarious that your storage got taken over before you even got there!