Thursday, January 06, 2011

Oh to be 6 again!

Lou, it would seem, is like her Mum. She thinks sleep is for the weak. While I tend to have a shortage of sleep due to work and stuff, she just does it for fun because why sleep when you can torment Mummy when she is trying to get some work done?

The last week or so she has been especially bad. Most nights it has been after 10, normally closer to 11 before it goes quiet upstairs. Yesterday I went to bed and went to check on J and L. Lou was laid on her back, with her Woody from Toy Story toy laid out on her chest with her etch a sketch under her pillow.

This is what she had drawn by the light of her Hermione torch wand...

'I'm having a baby. I feel sick'

I'm not sure if that is the baby or the sick that is on the floor next to the bed. Charming child!!

Take a look at the side-bar here...While supposedly having an early night tonight, I have finally sorted out my newsletter software so in the new super-organised world of Nicsknots, you can now sign up for newsletters to find out all about what is going on in my shop, shows that I am going to and also maybe even a few give-aways and discounts.

So, that early night...I wonder what I will find when I go to check on the monsters tonight.

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Daisy said...

I've signed up!