Sunday, March 27, 2011

Problems solved!

Thanks to everyone who messaged me here, on Facebook and Twitter, I now have a veritable array of none floral material winging its way to me as I type. One is already here and I made some of these with it today.

I love the fabric! One of the girls who comes to my sewing class had it the other week and I fell in love with it then I saw it on the super-fab KitschyCoo fabric sale so clearly it was fate!

Another 'problem' solved; I am going to get chickens. Not really a problem as such but yesterday I decided that I have probably spent longer deliberating over getting chickens for longer than I spent thinking about having children. I wonder if I am responsible enough to look after them whereas I know I'm not responsible enough to have kids!

So, chickens. Yes. I am going to ask for them from J and L for my birthday in 30 days when I will be 30 so clearly I will be responsible enough to look after chicks when I'm that old....still not sure about the kids though ;)

While out in the garden this afternoon, measuring where my chicken house will go, I decided that I could wait no longer for rhubarb so picked the first of our rhubarb. Look at the colours! I love the first pick of the season; so sweet, so soft. It was lovely!


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Miyulin said...

Oooh, chickens! We got three last September, love them! be prepared for poop everywhere, and do get netting to hedge them in unless you don't particularly care about your lawn/flower beds/vegetable patch...

Going for wooden or plastic coop? We got ours from Omlet, so easy to keep clean!