Sunday, May 29, 2011

Another fab day out.... Saltaire Arts Trail

This morning Katie and I went for another crafty day-out to Saltaire Arts Trail. We didn't even get lost this time.....we'll ignore the scenic tour to Ikea afterwards ;) I didn't take any pictures this time but to see how beautiful it is, have a look at my post from last year, here.

I went to Saltaire Festival last year; a great family day out....only after two minutes inside Victoria Hall, where the makers fayre is held, Mr Nicsknots got bored. First of all he decided that he would go and investigate the hall while I was allowed a whistle-stop ten minute tour of the stands of wonderful things, then he decided we'd seen everything we wanted to see and we had to leave. He actually has less patience than J and L!

Anyway, while we were there, I vowed that the next time I came back, I was leaving all men and children at home so that we could wander and look for as long as we wanted so Katie and I enjoyed lots of wandering and looking...and cake eating. Her boyfriend has decided that we plan our days out around good cake. He's wrong, it's just a happy coincidence but it is a good plan ;)

While walking around, we found a lovely lady who makes amazing hand bound journals, these very journals I have been drooling over on Folksy since last September.

They are even more fab in real life. If I bought one, it would just sit in my pretty corner, I would be scared of spoiling it with my messy writing...but maybe I should treat myself to one......

We also saw the lovely RubySpirit Designs. These rings are amazing. I think I might have spent too long chatting and not enough buying!!

I met SwirlyArts too and did the mad 'Hi, I'm Nicsknots!' in that 'I kind of know you online but in real life I've never actually met you, way. Hope she didn't think I was too much of a weirdo!!

The Arts Trail is still on tomorrow so if you are looking for something to do, go on over. There were loads of things to do for the kids outside Victoria Hall, in fact we did feel a little bit guilty about not taking Jack and Lou with us but I have decided that I am going to have a go at making the fab weaved wigwam that they were making outside, for our garden. As well as the makers fayre, there are also many houses around the village that are open and displaying lots of fantastic art.


Swirlyarts said...

Not weird at all! And it was nice to meet you too :)

carrad said...

I would love to go to Saltaire - maybe one day. I'm glad you had a such a good time. What an amazing journal! (Also cake is very important) x

bibbitybob said...

I agree with carrad...cake is definitely important! I've got my eye on visiting Saltaire too, maybe next year x