Wednesday, July 13, 2011

The busiest weekend of my life.

It's almost here; my sisters wedding and Knit Nation 2011.

I am surprisingly organised for the wedding..well I feel organised. All I need to remember are my shoes and Jack's shoes because everything else has already gone...ahh and something for Michael to wear....better not forget his clothes for a wedding again ;)

Knit Nation I am feeling slightly more out of control with, partly due to my own stupidity stubbornness ; I refuse to shut my web-shops for weeks before a show but then if you keep buying things like they are going out of fashion, my stocks get low. Needless to say, I have now come to a point where I am shutting my shops until I get back. I will re-open them on Monday and I promise there will be loads of funky new fabrics and Dr Who back in stock. As long as it doesn't all sell in London.

Due to the wedding and the fact that I am yet to work out how to clone myself, I will not be at the show on Saturday but you will be able to see all of my things and the fab other people I am sharing a stand with. WoollyWormhead and Atomic Knitting are back again this year and the lovely TillyFlopDesigns is joining us too.

Come and say hi if you are coming to Knit Nation. It really is a fab shop. So well organised by the lovely Alice and Cookie and in amazing surrounding - this is from the girl who doesn't like London.

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